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The Jawahar Nagar

Co-operative Housing Society LTD.

The Jawahar Nagar Co-Operative Housing Society Limited is located in the prime area of Goregaon West. The area relies from the Goregaon west railway station connected by BEST bus station to the BMC P/South ward at S.V.Road in the north and till the Oshiwara nalla in the south. It is frequently called as Jawahar Nagar. This covers the land size of 74 acres i.e about 300,000 sq.mtr.

Out of the total area of 74 acre, the land is divided into 368 plots, containing mostly Residential buildings, Roads, Garden & Parks, Government offices, Education centers, Places of worship and other important establishments on the lease period of 998 years at just 1 Rupee per annum that too if demanded.

The Jawahar Nagar Co-Operative Housing Society Limited is running a FREE Library since 1978, which is completing its 40th year in 2018. The FREE Library has more than 16,000 books and about 2000 adult & junior members. It is located at Sardar Patel Bhavan, 3rd floor the registered office address. Also the FREE library will be revamped to include English, Hindi books for children as well as philosophical & self-empowerment books. Soon a Fully Furnished Reading Room connecting to Library will be available for the local students of Jawaharnagar.

The Jawahar Nagar Co-Operative Housing Society Limited is very much engaged in the Social & Cultural activities/events like Free Joggers park operated with CCTV and security, Free Navratri Celebration, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti celebration, Yoga Classes, Special Seminar on MAHARERA for residents and much more.

The Jawahar Nagar Co-Operative Housing Society Limited Currently has 13 eminent persons of different faculty as its managing committee members. We are privileged to have ladies members of exceptional qualities and brilliance among us. The managing committee members have the ability and capacity to manage different events, they deep the spirit of life alive. Without major assistance from any source they do praiseworthy and philanthropic work for the society. Their vision for the future is to keep the Happiness Index of our society as high as possible.